Dr Isaura Flores

PhD Entrepreneurship

Dr Isaura Flores is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of North Texas at Dallas. Her passion is to teach students how to become succesful entrepreneurs by providing the newest training available.


How to make $1000 a month and become an Amazon Kindle Best Seller

Learn how to create an Amazon Kindle best seller ebook in few weeks! 

This is a great way of generating passive income doing what you like the most. Once you learn the strategies about how to create an Amazon Kindle Best Seller, you can always create more ebooks and generate additional income. 


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SECTION 1: Welcome
1 Welcome!
2 What will you learn?
SECTION 2: Your Goals and Finding your Niche
1 Set your goals N/A
2 Research your niche N/A
SECTION 3: Before you start writing your book
1 Before you start writing your book N/A
2 How much you can earn in Amazon N/A
SECTION 4: Research Your competitors
1 Eliminate misconceptions
2 Research your competitors N/A
SECTION 5: Writing your book
1 Writing your eBook N/A
2 Your eBook Title N/A
3 Your eBook Cover N/A
4 eBook content: How to generate ideas N/A
5 Organize your content: Chapters, sections & subsections N/A
6 Editing your eBook N/A
SECTION 6: Professional vs Non-professional eBooks
1 Professional vs Non-Professional N/A
2 EBook Resources and Costs N/A
SECTION 7: Before you start selling
1 Before you start selling N/A
2 Start Momentum: Get your work Automated N/A
3 Email set up and SEO N/A
SECTION 8: Formatting Amazon Kindle, Createspace and Good Reads
1 Get your eBook uploaded in Amazon N/A
2 Help from Amazon N/A
3 Upload to Create Space and Goodreads N/A
4 Updates and launch date N/A
SECTION 9: How to promote your eBook
1 How to promote your eBook N/A
SECTION 10: Conclusion
1 Conclusion: Final words N/A
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